Just a small town girl chasing a dream! Art and being creative is something I am very passionate about. After pushing back the itch for ten plus years, being a workaholic mom of four, and two near fatal life emergencies, I FINALLY listened to God. Not to open a business necessarily but to use the talent he gave me. 

313 maple is a pinterest lovers dream! From handmade signs to a fresh floral boutique, Yes, I am doing fresh floral arrangements and I am sure we will have something for your occasion. We will be offering personalization for any gift or if you love something you have seen online, we will work with you to get it made. There will be various furniture pieces to choose from-painted or original surface, frames and candles, and more from Kentucky and local vendors.


"Where did the name 313 come from?" It's my story. Where I came from, where I called home. I was a scrawny, hiper, freckle faced, brown eyed girl that most always made my grandma count to three. She always let me clean her glass doors and question her relentlessly on how glass was made with my imaginary microphone. Most grandmas are little old lady's that had their pinky out drinking tea. Not my grandma. She drank her coffee and smoked like a freight train and lord forbid you cross her cause a shoe, coat hanger or fly swatter would come barreling your way...and she rarely missed. If you ran, you would pray she would never catch you. 


Back to 313. Yes I grew up at 313 Maple Street in Columbia. But those close to me also know that I see the number 313 everywhere I turn. I used to fear it. My grandma always said that it meant I NEEDED TO COME HOME. A friend told me to embrace it. Call it an angel number I guess. So I did. My friends said I would be crazy if I opened a storefront and not name it 313maple. Confusing to some but HOME to me. In a way I guess she was my angel telling me that this was my path to follow. Follow right into the same building I grew up watching my aunt do hair and where I can go outside my shop front door and look over to my left and see 313maple, 

I am an artist not a writer...so....






Alexis' Story

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