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The information indicates that the man in the buggy is JH Goff at his Golf Brothers livery stable on Campbellsville St. next to the old post office where Buchanan Lyons was later located. The photo dates to early 1900's.

This photo (RIGHT) of the Adair Sales Co. building which housed the dealership when it was owned by Louis Merkley and F.X. Merkley appears to be, from the 1940's model in front of it, to be from the mid to late 1940s.

ford dealership.jpg

The late F.X. Merkely, on the left in the photo (LEFT), with his partner (whose name Mr. Christianson did not know, on the right. From the Ford on the left, Mr. Christianson dates the time ca 1928-1929. And he remarks that the showroom was 'green' well before that was a national effort, with the single bulb hanging from the ceiling, with its long on/off cord suspended, too. Mr. F.X. Merkley was the father of Pat Merkley, Mr. Christianson's late wife. After Mr. F.X. Merkley sold his interest in Adair Sales to his brother Louis, he operated Columbia's Rialto Theatre, Columbia's sole picture show for many decades.

Western Auto, around 1950-1955, owned by Raymond Lacy. The cathedral window is displayed in the store now known as 313maple florist and gifts. 

If anyone has any additional information and/or photos they would like to share, please contact Alexis.

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Background picture is photo of original hardwood flooring before the 2019 renovation.

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